Cultures of belonging begin with intention 

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Developing the ability to foster inclusive cultures 

Having a diverse workforce isn’t enough. Age, education, gender, nationality, religion, political view, and just about every way in which people differ from one another is an opportunity to expand your organization’s ability to view, adapt, respond, and navigate every aspect of its operations and interactions.  But this can only happen when that diversity is fully included and incorporated into the company and have a voice in shaping its future.

To foster an inclusive culture of belonging your company must create and encourage equitable access for all of your diverse employees and will need to hold space open for the discussions, growth, and learning that everyone will need to begin the process of more effectively including other viewpoints and experiences.  

Culture Development 

FIC Human Resource Partners can support your
culture development efforts in the following ways. 


Mission, Values, Goals


Executive Roundtables

Leadership and Management

Employee Surveys

Goal Setting

Organizational Initiative Planning

Local Implementation Planning


Culture Assessments

Micro Culture Identification




Job Descriptions

Parental Leave

Civic Responsibility

Respectful Work Environment

Career Development and Promotion

Career Path Outlines


Essential Skills Development

Leadership Development

Bias Awareness Training

Diversity Training

Culture Competency Training

Anti Harassment Training