Cultures of belonging begin with intention 

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Developing the ability to foster inclusive cultures 

Having a diverse workforce isn’t enough. Age, education, gender, nationality, religion, political view, and just about every way in which people differ from one another is an opportunity to expand your organization’s ability to view, adapt, respond, and navigate every aspect of its operations and interactions.  But this can only happen when that diversity is fully included and incorporated into the company and have a voice in shaping its future.

Culture Development 

  • Mindsets & Behaviors

  • Strategies & Structures 

The greatest challenge is to navigate both paths consistently and simultaneously.  In many cases a choice is made to prioritize  one over the other.  This can look like an organization that invests in multiple training and awareness programs, but fails to develop the strategies and structures that will support meaningful improvements; or, an organization that invests heavily in strategies and structures that should lead to an inclusive culture, but doesn’t invest in developing their people’s DEI ability. 

Step 1

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We begin with a measurement phase.


  • Existing Demographic Composition

  • Leadership DEI Awareness and Investment Audit

  • Social Culture Quality Audit ™

  • Operational Culture Quality Audit™

  • Policy & Procedure audit 


Some organizations may also choose to have FIC Human Resource Partners utilize the Strategia Analytics Diagnostic™ to measure the how and why your company operates the way that it does.  This diagnostic tool is deployed 2 or 3 times each year to first determine the baseline, second identify the way the leadership believes the organization should operate, and three to measure the impact of the Inclusive Culture Development Program

Learn More about the Social Culture Quality Audit ™

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Step 2

Define goals, develop implementation plans, set timelines.


  • Identify focus areas based on Step 1 data 

  • Identify needs based on Step 1 data 

  • Coordinate timelines for each implementation plan so that each builds upon and supports the others

Organizations must focus on two improvement paths  in order to foster inclusive cultures 

Our Inclusive Culture Development Program is designed to help you navigate both.

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Step 3

Implement multiple plans simultaneously.


  • Define and message  Mission, Values, and Goals 

  • Develop, revise, and implement policy and procedure

  • Develop leadership and workforce DEI ability and skills

    • Training

    • Workshops

    • Coaching

    • Roundtable Discussions

  • Regular measurement of progress

Stand Alone Culture Development Support  Services


Mission, Values, Goals


Executive Roundtables

Leadership and Management

Employee Surveys

Goal Setting

Organizational Initiative Planning

Local Implementation Planning


Social Culture Quality Audit™

Operational Culture Quality Audit™

Micro Culture Identification




Job Descriptions

Parental Leave

Civic Responsibility

Respectful Work Environment

Career Development and Promotion

Career Path Outlines


Essential Skills Development

Leadership Development

Bias Awareness Training

Diversity Training

Culture Competency Training

Anti Harassment Training