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Content that invites authentic connection

Giving a Speech

Improve Workplace Cultures


Invited In Media exists to create content that fosters greater acceptance, inclusion, and understanding of marginalized communities for professional or political use in training, articles, websites, and news broadcasts.

Our content is focused on two primary discussions, understanding and improving organizational cultures and building empathetic connection between people of diverse backgrounds and identities through shared stories of experience. 

Build Empathetic Connections


We know the power of storytelling to shift heart and minds.  Our CEO has been sharing her story with individuals and audiences for several years and has witnessed first hand how being invited in to her authenticity has fostered greater understanding, empathy, and acceptance. 

She envisioned Invited In Media as a way to harness that style of storytelling by inviting members of minority, misunderstood, and marginalized communities to share their stories.  

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Foundations and Insights training material. 

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