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Nuance Culture Surveys

Cultures Are Complex

We Provide You a Nuanced Understanding of Yours

5 hexagons forming a triangle with a hexagon overlaying the 3 at the center. Pink to purple gradient

A Nuanced Approach

Organizational cultures must be viewed in a holistic way that enables a nuanced understanding of it.  To truly understand an organizational culture, you must be able to identify and weave together an understanding of intended / permitted cultures, macro / microculture alignments, social / operational / ideological culture qualities, and the unique culture experiences of the organization’s employees in order to foster an inclusive culture of belonging where everyone can thrive.  

Nuance Culture Surveys™ offers a series of integrated audits, assessments, and surveys to measure and define organizational culture at the macro and microculture levels as well as the culture experience throughout the employee lifecycle.

Do you know what kind of culture experience your employees are actually having?

Creating and maintaining healthy, inclusive cultures of belonging requires a nuanced, detailed understanding of  your organizational culture as it exists at every level. 


Without the means to achieve that level of understanding, your culture improvement efforts will:

  • Fail to identify culture needs

  • Fail to address the culture concerns of the most vulnerable members of your organization

  • Fail to create lasting culture improvements

Organizational Culture Quality Audit


The Social Culture Quality Audit™ questions are designed to measure 6 social culture aspects (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, Authenticity, and Psychological Safety) of an organization and guide culture change and management efforts.


The Ideological Culture Quality Audit™ questions are designed to identify and define organizational values and principles, measure organizational commitment to the identified values and principles, and measure employee alignments with the identified values and principles.  


The Operational Culture Quality Audit™ questions are designed to measure the strategy, structures, and systems of an organization. 

Employee Surveys

Experience Matrix™

The Candidate Experience Matrix™ is a tool that  identifies the Operational and Ideological qualities that will allow candidates to thrive in an organization.  When calibrated to a specific position it also evaluates the skills of applicants allowing hiring managers and recruiters to more quickly identify the best candidates for an open position. 

Exit Survey

Our Employee Exit Survey uses the core Social Culture Quality Audit™ questions to capture the social culture experience of the exiting employee and identify the role policies, people, job responsibilities, communication, compensation, and recognition play in the decision to exit the company.

Pulse and Engagement Surveys

The Nuance Culture Surveys™ can design and implement customized pulse and engagement surveys capable of providing the in-the-moment insights you need. 


Intended and Permitted Cultures

Intended cultures are: 

  • Explicitly communicated behaviors and expectations 

  • Company’s governing intentions for interactions between peers and with management 

Permitted cultures are: 

  • Organic and implicitly allowed

  • Real-world behaviors and interactions between peers and with management

  • Allowed across the organization

  • Possibly outside the Intended culture when interactions and behaviors are accepted 

While you may have the best intentions, permitted cultures that exist outside - or even despite - your policies can create unhealthy cultures that negatively impact:

  • Employee wellbeing

  • Employee performance

  • Business opportunities

  • Innovation

Macro and Microcultures

Macro-cultures are the entirety of the cultures existing within an organization. 

Micro-cultures are cultures within the macro-culture. 

When working in harmony, the micro- and macro-cultures are healthy. 

2 overlapping hexagrams showing the relationship between implicit, explicit, macro and microcultures
The hexagram on the left depicts the Permitted Culture and the hexagram on the right depicts the Intended Culture. 
The hexes read from left to right, top to bottom are: 3 red hexes completely within the Permitted Culture hexagram reading Microculture 6, Microculture 9, and microculture 12. 4 Orange hexes that are mostly with the Permitted Culture hexagram and slightly within the Intended Culture hexagram read Microculture 1, Microculture 4, Microculture 11, and Microculture 13.
One yellow hex mostly within the Intended Culture hexagram and slightly within the Permitted Culture hexagram reads Microculture 7.
5 green hexes completely within the Intended Culture hexagram read Microculture 3, Microculture 2, Microculture 5, Microculture 10, and Microculture 8

Social, Ideological, and Operational Culture

Beyond the macro/microculture and intended/permitted culture elements of organizational culture there are the social, ideological, and operational culture elements. 

Social culture is about identity-based culture experiences.

Operational culture is about what, why, how work gets done within an organization.

Ideological culture is about the values and principles that drive an organization and its people.

SIO Culture Model
Organizational Culture encompasses the Culture Dimensions which in turn encompasses Social Culture, Ideological Culture, and Operational Culture.
Social Culture encompasses the following Culture elements: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, Authenticity, and Psychological Safety
Ideological Culture encompasses the following Culture Elements: Hierarchy, Authority, Communication, Priorities, Efficiency, and Collaboration
Operational Culture encompasses the following Culture Elements: Innovation, Productivity, Agility, Ethics, Community, and Wellbeing
SIO Culture Model © 2023 FIC Human Resource Partners All rights reserved

The Nuance Difference

The nuance difference refers to a series of highly specialized audits and assessments the we've designed to work in tandem with one another to provide a depth of insight into organizational culture that moves from the macroculture level down through the microculture levels and into individual employee culture experiences.

Our competitors, be they midmarket or fortune 500 consultancies, rely on either multiple, independent off-the-shelf solutions or a single proprietary culture model. By developing multiple specialized audits for three distinctly focused culture models, we are able to offer targeted solutions that work together seamlessly to provide a nuanced and holistic understanding of your unique organizational culture and the microcultures that it is composed of.

With the ability to model organizational cultures so completely we are better able to support you in your culture efforts.

“I’ve never really felt seen in any of the surveys I’ve taken.  But with the survey administered by FIC Human Resource Partners, I saw so many parts of my identity being considered.  On top of that, I felt safe.  They included a clear privacy  statement and affirmed the validity of my identities while acknowledging the harm that arises when sensitive disclosures are not protected. Being able to trust that what I shared would be used to help my company without disclosing my identity created a space for me to be honest about my experiences and my identity “  - E.F. 

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