Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Initiative Planning

Having a diverse workforce is an important goal for an organization to have. It is however important to recognize that diversity alone is not enough. In order for diversity to be meaningful everyone must have access to the all of the resources and opportunities your organization has to offer. And just as important, their voices must be part of the conversation.

An organization cannot assume that just because they've hired a diverse workforce that everyone will instantly be fully included and have equal access and opportunity. Organizations must be intentional in understanding the roadblocks and obstacles that certain communities experience in the workplace, identifying your organizations blind-spots, and creating a workable plan to fully include every member of your workforce and offer them the equal access and opportunity that each deserves.

FIC Human Resource Partners begins the process of planning a Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Initiative by reviewing existing policies and engaging HR, management teams, and employees in conversation. These conversations may include group, one on ones, and/or surveys. Through this process, FIC can identify specific needs and concerns that must be addressed so that your organization can achieve it's DEI goals.

Once we've identified the specific needs and concerns that must be addressed, FIC will develop a detailed plan to achieve your organization's goals. Actions that may need to be taken include:

  • Cultural competency training

  • Defined communication strategies

  • Policy revision and/or development

  • Restructuring of recruiting and hiring process

  • Defining achievement metrics and goals

  • Ongoing audits of progress

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