Policy Development

Policies are the primary way for an organization to disseminate information about procedures and employee benefits, but they also inform employees what to expect from an organization and what the organization expects from the employees in return. Intentionally written human resource policies are the foundation of an organization's culture as well as an engaged, well managed workforce.

FIC Human Resource Partners will help you develop policies addressing all of the needs that your organization may have. We believe in a collaborative process where policies are developed to achieve organization specific goals. Examples of some of the policies that FIC has delivered to our clients include:

  • Employee Handbooks

  • Network Protection and Information Security

  • Social Media Principles & Policy

  • Expense Reporting

  • Code Of Conduct

  • Civic Responsibility

  • PTO

  • Respectful Work Environment

  • Drug and Alcohol

  • Equipment Usage

  • Personal Appearance

  • On and Off Boarding

  • Career Development and Promotion

  • Job Descriptions and Pay Scales

  • Performance Evaluations

  • Mentoring and Continuing Education

  • Cross Training

  • Career Path Outlines

If your organization is unsure of which policies it might need or is unsure if existing policies are sufficient, FIC Human Resource Partners can perform a Policy Audit.

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