Policy Audits

Policies do much more than disseminate information about procedures and employee benefits. They inform employees what to expect from an organization as well as what the organization expects from them in return. Intentionally written human resource policies are the foundation of an organization's culture.

FIC Human Resource Partners provide Policy Audits for a number of purposes.

  • To identify new policy needs.

  • To identify best practice updates to existing policy.

  • To identify mandated policies that need to be brought into alignment with current laws and regulations.

  • To identify ways to make policies more inclusive.

  • To identify policy failures.

  • To align policy with internal and external messaging and culture.

FIC begins the Policy Audit process by working with your organization's HR and Management teams to identify the goals and desired results. This is accomplished through a series of conversations and surveys. Once FIC understands the organization's goals, we will next identify the policies that need to be reviewed.

A report detailing FIC's findings and recommendations will be presented to the organization at the end of the audit. This report can be used by the organization internally, or, to outline a Scope Of Work Agreement with FIC Human Resource Partners to implement the offered recommendations.

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