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Social Culture Quality AuditTM

What does your company look like? 4 overlapping hexagrams  Hexagrams read: 53% of the workforce is male 77% of the workforce is white 5% of the workforce identifies as LGBTQ+  64% of the workforce is aged  25-54 Hexagram overlaps read: 30% of the workforce are women aged 25-54 4% of the C-Suite are women of Color 40% of LGBTQ+ adults are BIPOC 41% of people aged 25-39 are LGBTQ+ & 17% of people aged 40-55 are LGBTQ+ Citations: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics November 2021  |  Williams Institute.  LGBT People’s Experiences of Workplace Discrimination and Harassment.  (2022, January 12) FIC Human Resource Partners, LLC Logo

Every person is unique. Every organization is unique. 

Every organization’s culture is unique. 

Stop seeing your organization through your eyes.

Start seeing your organization the way your employees view you.

Organizational Culture
is Nuanced

Cultures consist of policies, people, identities, and experiences. People have overlapping identities, leading to different experiences even within the same organization or department. 

Off-the-shelf surveys use questions that sound and feel good but lack depth of detail or insight to understand the nuances within the organization’s cultures, focusing on contentment and engagement at the macro level.  Often, they give little visibility into specific gaps and misalignments between micro-cultures. 


Intersectional Insights

Holistic, Employee-Based Visibility

Culture Health Snapshot   Hexagon that has a color spectrum that radiates from the center (red) to through orange and yellow to green at the outer. Divided into 6 labeled parts: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, Authenticity, Psychological Safety. Each section has a pie wedge representing the health of that  culture element.  © 2022  FIC Human Resource Partners & FIC Human Resource Partners, LLC Logo

Organizations must view culture holistically, taking into account:

  • Every aspect of social identity 

  • Specific microcultures within the macroculture

  • Employees’ experiences with the cultures that exist around them

Defined Values That Measure Macro and Microculture Impact

The Social Culture Quality Audit™ starts with 14 core questions that:

  • Return defined values

  • Establish a macro-level baseline measure of permitted implicit culture

  • From there, clients can incorporate demographic information and questions that:

  • Enable detailed understanding of the culture experience by demographic

  • Accurately define culture qualities of micro cultures

  • Accurately identify focus areas for the most meaningful culture improvements

Identify, Measure, and Collaborate for Success

The Social Culture Quality Audit™:

  • Identifies the culture qualities at both the macro- and micro culture levels

  • Measures specific culture elements

  • Measures the quality and health of an organization’s culture from the employee perspective

  • Segment results based on various demographics  

While you can’t wave a magic wand to gain visibility, you can work with us to: 

  • Measure your Culture Qualities

  • Better understand the culture experience of your employees

  • Build out the policies and procedures that support your desired culture

  • Give your employees the knowledge, skills, and insights to make your culture welcoming and inclusive

  • Map out how to achieve your culture goals

Demographic measures can include any combination of:

•    Age
•    Generation
•    Gender
•    Gender Alignment
•    Race Ethnicity
•    Sexual Orientation
•    Relationship Status
•    Religious Affiliation

•    Disability Status
•    Neurodiversity Status
•    Caregiver Status
•    Political Affiliation
•    Education Status
•    Housing Status
•    Citizenship
•    Body size

  • Economic Status

  • Language

  • Job Level

  • Job function

  • Years with organization

  •  Job location

  • Department

People Are Our Priority


The Social Culture Quality Audit™ survey is administered by FIC Human Resource Partners, LLC Through our Nuance Culture Surveys™ line. Personal Identifying information will not be shared with any third parties, and our reports to your organization will not relay any identifying information about respondents or their answers.

All responses are provided anonymously. Respondents are not asked to provide any personal details that can specifically identify them, such as: 

●      Names 
●      Email addresses
●      Employee numbers 
●      Position titles  

We will never report a demographic measure so small that the identity of the respondent(s) in that demographic can be identified.

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