We make culture understandable, manageable, and seamlessly inclusive 

Everyone deserves to feel as though they belong. 

Fostering a culture that is equitable and inclusive is the path to a sense of belonging for your employees.  

We'd love to tell you that there is a magic wand that we can wave to make it all happen.  We can't.  What we can do is work with you on every aspect of your culture; assist in building out the policies and procedures that support it; give your employees the knowledge, skills, and insights to make your culture welcoming; and collaborate with your culture drivers on mapping out how to achieve your culture goals. 

What We Do

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Culture Development 

FIC Human Resource Partners has the experience and knowledge to assist you in creating and maintaining the culture your employees deserve, a seamlessly inclusive culture is one that fosters a sense of belonging among your workforce, client base, and the communities you serve.  Maintaining a culture of belonging requires intention, nurturing, and a continuing commitment to improving.  Learn how we can be your partner in this important work.

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Culture Academy

Fostering Inclusive Workplace Cultures is one of the most important missions of our lives.   Our Culture Academy helps our students becomes agents of change that model inclusive behavior, engage in continual cultural competency growth, lift marginalized and underrepresented community members within their organizations up, and foster truly inclusive cultures where everyone can feel a sense of belonging.  

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Employee Care

Human Resource may be in our name but, HR is so much more than that.   Employees are the most important part of any organization. When employees do not feel  valued, respected, and a sense of belonging, businesses struggle and fail.  Human Resources, as a business practice, frequently fails to nurture cultures and workplaces where employees experience this.  That is why we have moved from Human Resource practice to  Employee Care practice.

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