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Your employees are your most valuable asset. When you genuinely care for their wellbeing, they will drive innovation, loyalty, and success. 

That’s why we developed the 9 Principles of Employee Care – a comprehensive framework for empowering your people. 

The 9 Principles of Employee Care

The 9 Principles of Employee Care Logo

Human Relationships

Foster meaningful connections and community among employees. 

Human Respect

Promote a culture of dignity and appreciation that values diverse perspectives. 

Human Relevance

Recognize employees’ unique skills and provide growth opportunities. 

Human Recognition

Implement rewards programs that celebrate achievements. 

Human Responsibility

Champion integrity, accountability and ethical behavior. 

Human Routines

Design workflows that support work-life balance. 

Human Readiness

Equip employees with skills and resources to excel. 

Human Records

Protect employee data privacy through ethical policies. 

Human Representation

Ensure diversity, equity and inclusion at all levels. 

Transform Your Workplace with Employee Care 

Consulting Services & Workforce Solutions 

The 9 Principles of Employee Care are the foundation of our Nuance Culture Consulting services and Nuance Workforce Solutions. 


Our expertise includes: 

The cover of the book The 9 Principles of Employee Care: People Aren't Resources by Jessica Jaymes Purdy

Coming Soon

The 9 Principles of Employee Care Book: A Guide to Shifting Perspective 

The upcoming book, 'The 9 Principles of Employee Care', explores the importance of each principle and offers suggestions on how to begin shifting HR and management practices to foster a culture aligned with each one. 

The book provides perspective on moving from transactional HR to an employee care philosophy that focuses on human development. 

You’ll gain insights into: 

  • The importance of human relationships at work 

  • Respecting diversity and valuing inclusion 

  • Recognizing employees' unique contributions 

  • Promoting integrity, accountability and ethics 

  • Supporting work-life balance and wellbeing 

  • And more! 

Organizational Culture Improvement 

We conduct culture assessments and provide strategic advice on embedding the 9 Principles organization-wide. 

Leadership & Management Development 

We equip leaders with the skills to implement the Principles and lead with emotional intelligence and inclusivity. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 

We offer training and coaching on mitigating bias, championing diverse perspectives, and cultivating belonging. 

Employee Engagement & Retention 

We identify engagement gaps and implement supportive programs based on the Principles.


HR Services & Compliance 

We ensure compliant, ethical policies and practices that honor the 9 Principles. 

Team & Organizational Development 

We assess team dynamics and develop solutions to align with the 9 Principles. 

Bringing the 9 Principles of Employee Care to Organizations

At its core, the Employee Care philosophy centers on creating a culture of holistic support where employees are valued as human beings first, and workers second. Going beyond the traditional paradigm of human resources management, the 9 principles of Employee Care  aims to humanize HR processes and policies across every facet of the employer-employee relationship.

The Workshop: Exploring the 9 Principles 

In this engaging workshop, explore the 9 Principles of Employee Care and their impact. 

  • Learn about the 9 Principles 

  • Discuss their role in nurturing employee wellbeing 

  • Gain insights to transform HR and management practices 

  • Build stronger employee/HR/manager relationships 

The workshop introduces a new framework for holistic employee care that empowers your people. 

The Coaching Program: Fostering Inclusive Cultures 

Our 9-month coaching program develops leaders' skills for building inclusive cultures of belonging by applying the 9 Principles of Employee Care. 

Personalized sessions focus on: 

  • Using the Principles to transform employee relationships 

  • Addressing unconscious bias and modeling respect 

  • Promoting diversity, equity and accessibility 

  • Leading with empathy and emotional intelligence 

  • Cultivating trust and psychological safety 

Coaching equips leaders to champion inclusive cultures through genuine employee care. 

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