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Mattering Survey

Insights for Employee Engagement and Retention

What is Mattering?

Mattering is the profound sense that our presence and contributions are valued, recognized, and make a difference to those around us. It's the belief that we are significant, appreciated, and an integral part of our organization's success.

When employees feel their contributions are valued and significant, they are more engaged, satisfied, and committed to their work. Our Mattering Survey provides a powerful tool to assess and improve the employee experience in your organization.

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Why Mattering Matters

Mattering is more than just a feel-good concept – it's a strategic imperative for organizations seeking to build a thriving, engaged workforce. 

Boost Engagement

When employees feel their contributions matter and are valued, they are more engaged in their work. High engagement leads to increased productivity, creativity, and commitment to your organization's goals.

Enhance Job Satisfaction

Employees who feel they matter to their colleagues and the company have higher job satisfaction. They find their work more meaningful and fulfilling, leading to a more positive work experience.

Improve Retention

When employees feel their contributions are significant and appreciated, they are more likely to stay with your organization long-term. This reduces turnover costs associated with recruiting, hiring, and training new employees.

Foster Collaboration and teamwork

When employees feel they matter to their coworkers, they are more likely to collaborate effectively, share ideas, and support one another. This creates a positive team environment and enhances overall performance.

Promote Psychological Safety

Mattering contributes to a sense of psychological safety, where employees feel comfortable expressing their opinions and taking risks. This is essential for innovation and continuous improvement.

Strengthen Employer Branding

Companies known for making employees feel valued and significant have a strong employer brand. This helps attract top talent and positions your organization as an employer of choice.

Drive Business Outcomes

Ultimately, high levels of mattering contribute to better business outcomes. Engaged, satisfied employees who feel their contributions matter are more likely to go above and beyond, leading to increased productivity, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

Benefits of Administering the Mattering Survey

Our Mattering Survey is designed to provide a comprehensive assessment of the degree to which your employees feel they matter. By measuring key dimensions such as perceived value, recognition, inclusion, and connectedness, you gain actionable insights into the employee experience.

Uncover areas where employees feel undervalued: Gain granular data to identify specific situations or interactions where employees feel their contributions are underappreciated. Take targeted actions to improve recognition, demonstrate value, and increase engagement.

Identify strengths to build upon: Reveal areas where your organization excels at making employees feel valued and integral to success. Share best practices, replicate positive experiences, and reinforce cultural strengths.
Gain comparative benchmark data: Administer the survey periodically to generate trend lines and quantify progress on mattering metrics over time. Measure improvement and aid accountability.

Empower managers: Provide managers with practical understanding of how valued each employee feels. Enable them to tailor recognition, facilitate inclusion, and show appreciation in impactful ways.

Increase retention: Implement data-driven changes to boost mattering, engagement, and belonging. Mitigate turnover risk and retain top talent to sustain your competitive advantage. 

Armed with this knowledge, you can take targeted steps to cultivate a culture where every individual knows they matter, unlocking their full potential and driving organizational success.

What Mattering Measures

The Mattering Survey measures mattering across 4 dimensions:

Perceived Value and Contributions: Measures if employees believe their work is meaningful and impactful.

Respect and Recognition: Assesses the level of respect and appreciation employees feel from managers and colleagues.

Inclusion and Voice: Gauges whether diverse perspectives are actively sought out and heard.

Connectedness and Dependability: Evaluates feelings of integration and being relied upon.

Start Your Journey to a Culture of Care

Ready to cultivate a workplace where every employee feels valued and empowered to succeed? Partner with FIC Human Resource Partners to deploy the Employee Care Survey and unlock the insights you need to build a true culture of care.

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