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Employee Care Survey

Measuring Cultures of Care

Are you committed to creating a workplace where your employees feel valued, respected, and empowered to thrive?


Our Employee Care Survey is a powerful tool for assessing and enhancing your organization's culture of care.

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Measure Alignment with the 9 Principles of Employee Care

Implementing an Employee Care philosophy requires ongoing listening, empathy and responsiveness to emerging employee needs. The Employee Care Survey built is designed to measure the culture of care from the employee perspective. Based on our founder and CEO's 9 Principles of Employee Care model this comprehensive annual survey benchmarks your organization's alignment with the 9 Principles.

Human Recognition

Human Readiness

Human Relationships

Human Respect

Human Relevance

Human Responsibility

Human Routines

Human Records

Human Representation

By assessing your culture through the lens of these principles, you gain deep insights into the employee experience and can pinpoint specific areas for improvement.

Gather Candid, Actionable Insights

Administered anonymously, the Employee Care Survey allows your employees to provide honest feedback without fear of repercussions. This candid input is invaluable for:


  • Identifying gaps in the employee experience across different demographic groups

  • Pinpointing specific areas of your culture that need improvement

  • Tracking year-over-year progress in your culture initiatives

  • Empowering leadership with actionable data to demonstrate genuine care

With the rich insights from the Employee Care Survey, you can develop targeted strategies to boost engagement, foster belonging, and position your organization as an employer of choice.

Gain a Holistic View of Your Culture

The ECS provides a comprehensive look at key aspects of your workplace culture, including:


  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Belonging and Psychological Safety

  • Organizational Priorities and Ethics

While not as extensive as our full Organizational Culture Quality Assessment, the ECS offers a robust assessment of your culture through the employee lens. By administering the ECS annually and acting on its insights, you can continually refine your culture, build trust, and empower your people.

Start Your Journey to a Culture of Care

Ready to cultivate a workplace where every employee feels valued and empowered to succeed? Partner with FIC Human Resource Partners to deploy the Employee Care Survey and unlock the insights you need to build a true culture of care.

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