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Who We Are Is Important

That is as true for us as it is for your employees.

5 hexagons forming a triangle with a hexagon overlaying the 3 at the center. Pink to purple gradient

Our beliefs guide every decision we make

We believe that everyone deserves the dignity of working within inclusive cultures.

We believe that by including people of diverse experiences and backgrounds, organizations can better serve the communities in which they do business.

We believe that no one should ever be denied services or excluded from work because they are a members of a historically excluded community.

We believe that workplaces can be agents of change by creating cultures of inclusion that invite the communities they serve to join them in creating space for a diversity of difference among us and offering opportunity to employees from underrepresented and historically excluded communities.

We believe that we can change the world by fostering inclusive cultures. 

Black Woman talking to seated people

What Do We Mean By Partners

We are committed to working with your team to identify and clarify your goals and collaborating with them to map out the best paths towards achieving them.


We are committed to working side-by-side with you to implement every plan we develop together and delivering the results your organization is seeking and your employees deserve.

Who we bring to the Discussion

We understand the value in bringing diverse talent and voices together.  That is why we have built relationships with experts, consultants, and training facilitators with their own brands and businesses. 


We bring together experts from all organizational culture, communication, and leadership fields and through collaboration with these partners we blend the strength of their vast and diverse experiences to deliver the culture your employees and clients deserve.

6 hexagons in a pattern missing 1 hexagons. Puce to Pink gradient.

Centering Your Community


The communities you serve are important to who you are as an organization and to your employees.  

We will always be mindful of those communities and work to guide discussions and culture initiatives in a way that builds from where they are to where you need to be.

5 hexagons forming a triangle with a hexagon overlaying the 3 at the center. Pink to purple gradient
5 hexagons forming a triangle with a hexagon overlaying the 3 at the center. Pink to purple gradient

Centering your employees


We have an employee first mindset.

We will always look to how policies and procedures impact and serve your employees so that we are creating the culture and true sense of belonging they deserve while motivating and empowering them to lead your organization to success. 

Centering your clients


The way your clients perceive your organization and the experiences they have are important to your organization's success.

We will always seek to improve your client's experiences and perceptions of your organization by creating a culture that offers them a true sense of belonging. 

5 hexagons forming a triangle with a hexagon overlaying the 3 at the center. Pink to purple gradient

Jessica Jaymes Purdy 

CEO | Founder

Jessica Purdy’s desire for a more inclusive and accepting society led her to become an Activist, Public Speaker, and Founder of FIC Human Resource Partners, LLC. 

Her identity as a panromantic, asexual, transwoman is central to her life and work.  She is, as they say, Out and Proud.  But rather than ‘coming out’, she brings people into her confidence, her truth, and her life.  It’s a combination of her personal experiences and mindset of 'bringing people in' that has made her an effective leader, facilitator, and change agent. 

The ‘new collar’ journey that led to her founding FIC Human Resource Partners began with Military Service as a Legal Specialist.  Her nearly 4 years of service ended with an honorable discharge under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Once she transitioned back into the civilian workforce, she moved up from an hourly wage Service Technician position through Service, Branch, and Regional Manager positions before becoming the Director of Culture and Talent for the C3 Agency. At each step in her journey she gained new knowledge and experience that helped her develop the skills and tools that she is now offering to organizations such as yours.

Picture of FIC Human Resource Partners' CEO & Founder, Jessica Jaymes Purdy.  She is wearing glasses, necklace, and a floral print dress.  She has long blond hair.

Jessica Jaymes Purdy

She / Her

CEO | Founder

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