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Nurturing Strong Client Relationships Is the Key to Our Success

Updated: Jul 3

FIC Human Resource Partners Logo: A hexagon consisting of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple petals with 6 triangle alternating between brown and black fitted between them to form the sides of the hexagon.
Logos aren’t all that important, are they? Well, we think they can carry a lot of meaning. Ours does. Our design is reminiscent of Amish quilts, hex signs (A form of Pennsylvania Dutch folk art.), and the Lancaster, PA stylized rose logo. All of which calls back to Lancaster being our founder’s hometown and the city she returned to as she was launching the consulting business that would become FIC Human Resource Partners. The colors have significant meaning as well, being shades of the Philadelphia Pride Flag. The inclusive nature of the rainbow makes sense for a firm dedicated to Fostering Inclusive Cultures. Especially considering that our founder is part of the LGBTQIA+ community by way of her gender identity, as well as her sexual and romantic orientations. You will notice that those rainbow colors form a flower with alternating black and brown triangles between the petals. This is intentional and represents that organizations cannot be whole if BIPOC people are not fully included. The triangles are meant to be ½ of the diamonds that make up the flower. The 3 black and 3 brown triangles also remind us that we must make a greater effort to achieve equity and address the wage and opportunity gaps that continue today at the expense of Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color.

Despite the challenges of 2023, FIC Human Resource Partners had an extremely successful 2023, with revenue growth of 70% over the previous year. We exceeded our revenue projections and brought in 7% more revenue than our stretch goal.

Our Nuance Culture Academy accounted for 36% of our business. While our Nuance Culture Consulting Services made up 34% of revenue, including 9% from our Nuance Culture Survey division. The Nuance Workforce and Staffing Solutions contributed 30% to our 2023 revenue.

We are proud to say our collaborative partnership model and devotion to providing services and benefits to our clients that exceed expectations resulted in returning and long-term clients accounting for 41% of our client base for the year. These long-term relationships provide us with stability in an ever-changing market.  Our new client relationships accounted for 55% of our revenue, proving that we have the ability to continue growing without sacrificing our existing relationships.

Giving back to our community remains a priority at FIC. Members of our team devoted approximately 6 hours each month towards volunteer work and community engagement initiatives.

With returning clients entrusting us with more of their business, and new clients seeking out our services, FIC Human Resource Partners proved that our collaborative partnership model and focus on client satisfaction along with our growing culture and employee survey capabilities continues to set us apart. Heading into 2024, our stretch goals will motivate us to continue our dedication to collaborative partnerships that foster inclusive cultures of belonging for our clients.

We hope that you are as excited by the potential 2024 holds as we are!

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