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Employees that are cared for CARE

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Employees are the most important part of any organization.

When employees do not feel valued, respected, and a sense of belonging, businesses struggle and fail.  Human Resources, as a business practice, frequently fails to nurture cultures and workplaces where employees experience this.  That is why we have moved from Human Resource practice to Employee Care practice.

Our Nuance Workforce Solutions™ support your organizational HR needs by providing HR functions in alignment with our Employee Care Philosophy.

HR through the Employee Care Lens

With the Employee Care philosophy, you have an opportunity to create a culture of support where your employees can thrive.  Employee Care is a key element of fostering inclusive cultures of belonging where employees feel valued, empowered, and supported.  Employees who are thriving are better able to nurture your client relationships, innovate, and deliver levels of work that ensure your company will thrive along with them.


When employees are thriving in the workplace, they have a greater ability to thrive outside of the workplace, uplifting their communities and building a positive brand image for your organization that invites their peers and the communities you serve to become more involved with your brand.

When applying the Employee Care philosophy HR stops viewing employees as resources and humanizes HR functions across 9 key areas of the business/employee relationship.

The Employee Care philosophy centers the individual employee meaning you can create a culture of belonging where your employees feel valued, empowered, and supported.  This is possible because when you center and prioritize the wellbeing of the individual, diversity, equity, and inclusion are a natural outcome. 

  • Human Relationships

  • Human Respect

  • Human Relevance

  • Human Readiness

  • Human Records

  • Human Representation

  • Human Recognition

  • Human Responsibility

  • Human Routines

Our Workforce Solutions 


Culture Quality Assessments

Employee Experience Matrix™

Nuance Culture Preference Profile™

Pulse Surveys

Exit Surveys


HRIS Management


On and Offboarding

General HR Functions

Policy Implementation

Professional Development

On-Demand Training




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