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LGBTQ+ Inclusion Consulting

Creating Proudly Inclusive Cultures

Our LGBTQ+ Inclusion Consulting Services integrate an LGBTQ+ lens into our AIDE (Assess, Interview, Develop, Engage) culture improvement and policy development frameworks. We help organizations create environments where LGBTQ+ employees can thrive, and inclusive policies that support their needs. Partner with us to unleash the full potential of your LGBTQ+ talent and demonstrate your commitment to equality.

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Glitter optional, inclusion required

Our Approach to Achieving LGBTQ+ Inclusion

We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current organizational culture and policies, examining LGBTQ+ inclusivity across areas such as non-discrimination protections, benefits equity, inclusive facilities, and employee resource groups. This includes:

  • Conducting a comprehensive evaluation of LGBTQ+ inclusivity in your culture and policies.

  • Analyzing LGBTQ+ demographic data and benchmark against industry best practices.

  • Identifying gaps and opportunities for enhancing LGBTQ+ equity and belonging.

  • Administering our Organizational Culture Quality Assessment to gather quantitative insights into how LGBTQ+ employees experiences within your organization.

Ready To Find Inclusion at The End of The Rainbow?

Contact us today to:

  • Attract and retain top LGBTQ+ talent by demonstrating a genuine commitment to inclusion.

  • Mitigate legal and reputational risks associated with LGBTQ+ discrimination.

  • Expand market reach and loyalty within LGBTQ+ consumer segments.

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