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Join our CEO and Founder, Jessica Purdy, and other DEIAB leaders for discussions on inclusive language for race and intersectionality.  October 16-17 How Do I Say It? Increase Diversity Summit Powered by Jennifer Tardy Consulting  Register today!
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Foster inclusive cultures of belonging with NUANCE

Your organization is a complex, carefully balanced culture ecosystem comprised of people with different identities and experiences. 

Use NUANCE to help you maintain that balance and foster an inclusive culture of belonging 

What is NUANCE?

Fostering inclusive cultures of belonging begins with understanding how company policies intersect with employees’ daily interactions, lived experiences, and identities.

Name your culture goals

Understand employee experiences

Assess your culture

Navigate change

Create your culture

Engage, evolve, excel

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Inclusive cultures start with NUANCE.

Why NUANCE matters
to organizational culture

Fostering an inclusive culture of belonging means balancing the differences across microcultures and aligning them to your larger organizational culture values.

Intended vs

Sometimes, the culture you try to foster may not be the same as the reality your employees experience.


You need to know if:  

  • your employees’ culture experience matches with your intended culture 


  • if the  permitted culture conflicts with your intent.

Macro vs Microcultures

Just like an ecosystem is made up of all the different animals and plants living in it, your organization’s overall macroculture consists of distinct microcultures across offices and departments. 

You need to know if your organization's microcultures: 

  • align to your intended macroculture 

  • work in harmony to create an inclusive culture of belonging 



Each person holds more than one identity that can include:

  • Race

  • Gender

  • Sexual orientation

  • Religion

  • Disability

  • Socio-economic background


To foster an inclusive culture of belonging, you need to address all forms of systemic inequality that exist within your organization to prevent one from reinforcing another. 

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Find Your Organization’s Nuance

FIC Human Resource Partners Gives You NUANCE

When organizations foster inclusive workplace cultures they become  agents of change within the communities they serve. 

To foster truly inclusive cultures of belonging, organizations must:

  • Encourage continual cultural competency growth among their employees to attract the best talent

  • Lift up historically excluded and underrepresented community members to innovate more effectively

  • Bring each of their employees into a more accepting, equitable, and inclusive mindset to maintain a functioning, healthy culture

  • Create an organizational culture where employees thrive so they can more effectively deliver work and nurture client relationships

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Our focus is on offering an integrated series of specialized audits that give you nuanced insight into your organization’s culture. Through our consulting and culture academy, we support your culture goals, moving from the macroculture level throughout the microculture levels.  


Whether you’re an organization that wants to understand how your employees see you or a consultant enabling organizations, our suite of products and services gives you everything you need to foster an inclusive culture of belonging.


Our Nuance Culture Surveys™ are an integrated series of assessments and surveys that measure and define organizational culture for visibility into employees’ culture experience. 

We offer:

  • Organizational Culture Quality Assessment

  • Employee Care Assessment

  • Engagement and Pulse Surveys

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Our consulting services rely on and utilize the services and products offered through all of our Nuance lines of business to support you through the entirety of your culture initiatives, including planning, deployment, and next steps. 

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Fostering inclusive cultures of belonging requires an ability of everyone to have a basic understanding of:

  • Identity based differences

  • Intersectionality

  • Bias & macroaggression

  • Cultures of respect

  • Basic diversity, equity, and inclusion principles

For your executive, management and HR teams an even deeper understanding is required.

That is why we founded our Culture Academy. 

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Our Nuance Workforce Solutions service applies our Employee Care Philosophy to reinvent your HR functions to foster inclusive cultures of belonging centered on ensuring employees feel valued, empowered, and supported. 

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