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Fostering Inclusive Cultures of Belonging

At FIC Human Resource Partners, we believe that creating inclusive workplace cultures is one of the most important missions of our lives. We are dedicated to helping companies become agents of change by modeling truly inclusive environments, engaging in continuous cultural competency growth, uplifting minority and marginalized community members, and fostering a more accepting, equitable, and inclusive mindset among all employees.

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People aren't resources

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The Nuance Difference

What sets FIC apart is our nuanced, holistic approach to understanding and transforming organizational cultures. 

Name your culture goals

Workplace cultures are complicated. To truly understand an organization's culture, you must identify your intended culture and assess the differences between your intent and the permitted cultures that exist at both the macro- and microculture levels. This requires tools that capable of providing highly detailed, holistic, and nuanced culture data and the expertise to make that data actionable.

That's why we've developed the SIO Culture Model, 9 Principles of Employee Care and the AIDE framework.  These models and frameworks are the foundation of our assessment tools and our culture improvement work.

Our approach provides a depth of insight that moves from the macroculture level down through the microculture levels and into individual employee culture experiences. This comprehensive understanding of your unique organizational culture and its constituent microcultures allows us to develop highly focused, nuanced culture improvement strategies tailored to your specific needs.

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