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Nuance Culture Academy

Knowledge Through Storytelling

Developing cultural competency and fostering equitable, inclusive environments is both a moral and business imperative. Not only is it the right thing to do, but research shows that diverse and inclusive organizations achieve better business outcomes – from enhanced innovation and decision-making to improved employee engagement and retention. However, building truly inclusive cultures requires ongoing commitment and the right knowledge, skills, and mindsets.

Our Nuance Culture Academy equips your employees with the empathetic understanding and practical capabilities needed to contribute to inclusive cultures of belonging. Our interactive workshops, training programs, and coaching are designed to create brave spaces for transformative learning experiences.

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empathetic storytelling
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Our Approach

The Nuance Culture Academy's methodology centers on NUANCE:

Narrative storytelling


We harness the power of storytelling to humanize diverse experiences, build empathy, and create shared understanding. Authentic stories forge connections across differences.

Our Workshops

LGBTQ+ 101: Language and Inclusion Basics Workshop
Black Is Not a Bad Word: Microaggressions and Implicit Bias
Bias & Microaggressions: Looking beyond the reflection of your own experience
Exploring The Coexistence of Diversity & Bias
Understanding and Addressing Microaggressions
Achieving Equity in Policies
The 9 Principles of Employee Care

Our Coaching Programs

9 Principles of Employee Care Coaching
SPECTRUM Mindset Coaching (Coming soon)
Coexistence of Diversity & Bias Coaching
Fostering Inclusive Cultures of Belonging Coaching

What People Are Saying

PaLA 2022 Conference Attendee

“This speaker [Jessica Purdy] [for Addressing Systems of Inequity and Oppression in the Library System session] was phenomenal.  Addressed the topic in a non-preachy way than enabled everyone to gain access to the topics being discussed, rather than being on the defensive. Also, very nimble in answering questions from the audience...thorough, but not in the weeds.”

The Leadership Lancaster Team

It was a pleasure to have [Jessica and Julia] join us at the 21st Annual Leadership Advantage conference. We’ve received amazing feedback from [the] session! Thank you for sharing the importance of justice in DEI frameworks. We have no doubt participants left your session educated and empowered. 

pala 2022 conference attendee

“The [Achieving Equity When Implementing Workplace Policies] session and presentation was fantastic and really made me think about approaching policy decisions differently.”

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