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Nuance Culture Academy™

Unbreak Culture

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Build Cultural Competency with Accessible Learning

Culture is a big, huge, complex undertaking. 

Bring NUANCE to your trainings and workshops to meet people where they are and implement change. 

How we bring NUANCE to learning

Our Culture Academy houses the spaces and trainings that enable your organization to nurture inclusive cultures of belonging. Since every organization’s culture is different, no one size fits all approach to cultural competency exists. 

We built our Culture Academy around NUANCE

Narrative, empathetic storytelling to build connections

Unbreak culture with information, knowledge, and skills

Apply frameworks to implement change

Normalize discomfort to create space for judgment free learning

Commit to nurturing inclusive cultures of belonging

Engage through collaboration and participation

Join our CEO and Founder, Jessica Purdy, and other DEIAB leaders for discussions on inclusive language for race and intersectionality.  October 16-17 How Do I Say It? Increase Diversity Summit Powered by Jennifer Tardy Consulting  Register today!

Meet People Where They Are

Everyone is at a different point in their cultural competency journey. When you create spaces where people can lean into discomfort, you acknowledge the possibility of past harm without placing shame or blame. 

Our approach focuses on discomfort as an opportunity to learn by bringing awareness to the ways thinking, language, and actions can cause unintentional harm and acknowledging pain without centering on demographics. We focus on personal feelings of discomfort to address them so that everyone can listen to learn. Our Culture Academy fosters inclusive culture of belonging by ensuring that everyone has a basic understanding of:

  • Identity based differences

  • Intersectionality

  • Bias & microaggression

  • Cultures of respect

  • Basic diversity, equity, and inclusion principles

Humanize with Empathetic Storytelling

Narrative storytelling promotes positive social interactions. According to research, narrative storytelling led to a 300% increase in oxytocin levels in subjects, enabling them to feel more positive, comfortable, and socially connected. 


Our interactive, collaborative courses and workshops humanize diverse experiences with empathetic storytelling, building social connections across diverse backgrounds and identities. Our teams share authentic personal journeys of hardships and triumphs, enabling people - no matter where they are in their journey - to cultivate greater understanding, empathy, and acceptance. 

Match the Talent to the Need

Every organization is unique.  You need to connect with subject matter experts capable of cultivating the skill sets you and your team need to affect meaningful change. 


Our skilled facilitators come from diverse backgrounds to frame and structure conversations purposefully. Whether you are an organization seeking a group workshop or an individual looking for professional development, our Culture Academy provides you the information, knowledge, and skills to build out cultural competency. 


Achieving Equity When Implementing Policies

Exploring the Coexistence of Diversity and Bias

Listen When I’m Speaking: Getting Heard by HR

Bias and Microaggressions: Looking beyond the reflection of your own experience

Customized Workshops


Computer Based Training Modules

DEIB Mindset Coaching

Trans and LGBTQ Training

Speaking Engagements

Discussion Groups

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